Room With A View in the Ford Flex

Driving shouldn’t be boring, and the all-new Ford Flex provides you the opportunity to see that for yourself. This new vehicle has all the comforts of luxury, and each of the interior features is comfortable and appealing.

The biggest feature in this comfortable car is the automatically folding third-row seat. This seat is for two, but you can fold it down completely with the push of a button, and there is no manual labor involved when you have a lot to load. The other feature is the multi-panel Vista Sunroof. Not only can you enjoy the fresh air, but you also provide a view for all your backseat passengers.

If you’re interested in comfortable seating and an uninterrupted view of the Rock Springs sky for your passengers, head down to First Choice Ford to test drive one of your own. This vehicle is all you need to make your life more comfortable.




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