First Choice - Community

First Choice is committed to having a positive impact on the community for which they belong!

In the last two years, First Choice has benefited the community, raising over one million dollars across many charities.  These types of charity include:

-          Those that support quality education and mentoring to students in School District 2.

-          Those that offer safety education to the community.

-          Those that directly meet the personal needs of community members, including children.

-          Those that provide education, awareness, and support to special health interest groups, such as cancer awareness.

-          Those that serve community interests, such as the NRA.


Green River Inspirations / Olympia (K-12) / Commitment to Education
Each year, First Choice sponsors Green River Inspirations/Olympia (K-12), with the help of Green River High School and Flaming Gorge Days.  This is an event where high school students and faculty walk alongside students (grades K-6), as mentors and teachers, to enhance their exposure to, and experience of, academics and sports, including:  drama, debate, band, dance, football, wrestling, to name just a few.

First Choice Ford has donated over $300,000 in automotive parts to the local High Schools and College.

First Choice - Flaming Gorge Days
First Choice brings meaningful participation to Flaming Gorge Days by donating a camper which is raffled off - 100% of the proceeds is donated to School District 2 - all grades. 

Safety Fair
First Choice founded a Safety Fair with the help of all emergency crews, which offers the community first-hand dialog to those that keep us safe in the community:  Fire Department, Ambulance Services, Life Flight, Car Seat installations.  Emergency crews now do this year-to-year, alternating between Rock Springs and Green River.

Community Members - special needs
First Choice has touched the personal lives of community members by making quality donations (in various forms of service, and/or items to be raffled), which provides the community, as a whole, an opportunity to participate in helping our neighbors in need.  Through these quality donations, First Choice has directly influenced the purchase of a wheel chair, a transplant, donations to families in health crisis, to mention just a few.

Tree of Sharing
First Choice supports this event, as well as one of its own, meeting the needs of 400-650 children in our community each year, during the holidays.

Health Programs
First Choice supports an organization called Charities of Light.  This organization promotes education to further cancer awareness.

Children Programs
First Choice supports the Back Pack Program - feeding hungry school children, sending them home with a food backpack for weekend meals.

First Choice shares its good fortune in many ways - imparting time, volunteers, monetary donations, the sharing of property.  First Choice is honored to be involved in quality events that impact our community in a positive way!

Special thanks to our Community Service Board for their commitment to a better community!