The Ford EcoSport is one of the country's most popular compact crossovers. These great vehicles offer you the conveniences of an SUV with the ride and handling of a traditional sedan. Our customers at First Choice Ford love the EcoSport because of all of its great amenities. Here are some of our favorites.

You'll love the EcoSport's cabin because everyone in your vehicle will be comfortable, even in the second row. That's because the EcoSport gives you ample hip, seat and legroom. You'll also have your choice of high-end ActiveX seating material, which is not only comfortable, but also stain resistant, or comfortable leather seating.

Another great cabin feature is all the outlets you'll have to keep devices charged and ready for use. You'll enjoy two USB ports, along with a 12-volt outlet on the console, as well as another one in the rear, as well as an optional 110-volt power outlet.


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