Ford Mustang: As Powerful as it is Loud

It’s often thought that for exemplary performance, one has to break the bank. These sentiments are, however, challenged by the Ford Mustang. The team at Ford has decades of experience in building high-performance quality vehicles, and the Mustang has made a name for itself as one of the most popular performance vehicles in the market.

Different sounds invoke varying emotional beings in people, and the automotive sound engineers at Ford are well aware of this. They have dedicated their time to engineer the Mustangs Active Performance acoustic exhaust sounds that change and adapt to the mood of the driver. Humans are known to react quickly to loud and powerful sounds, known as the autonomic response. This is the mechanism behind the fight-or-flight reaction. The sound engineers The Mustang comes fitted with a switch that controls valves on the exhaust system, to adjust the car’s sound to the driver’s energy and the environment around. Once you have selected the desired mode, either the quiet, normal, loud or the sport and track setting that provides a sense of excitement and provides a note of performance, the car sound instantly changes to match the driver’s emotional expectations.

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