If you are looking for a small SUV that offers a unique design, then the Ford Edge will be your top choice. As one of the most popular SUVs on the market, the Ford Edge offers an overall design more common with luxury SUV models. Below, First Choice Ford reveals what makes the Ford Edge's design so special.

The Ford Edge brings impressive interior design thanks to the craftsmanship of the first and second-row seats. The seats are comfortable and come with a selection of upscale materials to provide a smooth and comfortable driving and riding experience. Additionally, the Ford Edge enhances its interior design with pleasing soft-touch materials on the center console, dashboard, and the door panels.

The Ford Edge stands out in the popular SUV market with original and uncompromising design. Every inch of the Ford Edge is designed to stand out. For those who want something more from their small SUV, the Ford Edge answers the call.


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