Tips for Your First Off-Roading Experience

When off-roading, we at First Choice Ford want you and your vehicle to be fully prepared for fun on the trails. The preparations for your vehicle and what to take are important for a fun experience.

Your vehicle should be serviced to make sure it is in good shape for the trip. If you have a lifted vehicle, maintaining this and preparing for a flat tire with the proper jack and replacement is key to staying on the road. Also, a good pair of gloves and a shovel can make all the difference if stuck in a rut.

Having a good time with other off-roaders or a group of people ensures that a tow is easy to come by if needed. A way to communicate with the outside world, other than a cell phone and extra food and water are measures everyone should take when going on trails.

Our service staff is happy to help you get all of your questions answered while you prepare for your next adventure in Rock Springs.



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