Ford EcoSport: Hill Assist and Start-Stop Features

The Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV with smart features packaged into it. Its technology makes it stand out. One such technology is the auto start-stop system.

How much fuel is wasted waiting at long stops and railroad tracks? The EcoSport’s system will shut the motor down when the brake pedal is depressed for a set amount of time. Once the brake is released, the motor quickly fires up again, and you will immediately drive away.

Have you ever returned to your vehicle only to find a car park right behind you on a hillside? The hill start assist can help you easily get out of this jam. It can detect the slope, and when you start the car and take off, it will not allow the vehicle to roll backwards.

Take the EcoSport for a test drive and experience its capability features for yourself. Visit us here at First Choice Ford, conveniently located in Rock Springs, WY.



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