All New Ford Fiesta ST Redefines Performance

In Rock Springs, WY, we take vehicle performance pretty seriously. As we go about our busy lives, working hard to provide for ourselves, our loved ones and to keep our great city in motion, we depend on our cars to keep up with us, no questions asked.

Ford has long been a name in performance, so it comes as no surprise that the 2018 Fiesta ST is setting a new bar. This sharply-engineered vehicle possesses AdvanceTrac technology, which knows how to smartly modulate engine torque to prevent loss of control brake locking, wheel slippage and much more. This provides tighter steering and greatly-increased safety.

Combine this with four-wheel disc brakes and you have stopping power that can’t be matched, and safety you can count on. Alongside the intuitive FordPass software, which can find you parking darn near anywhere, and you have a new meaning of performance for a new age.

To experience Ford performance for the 21st century, visit us at First Choice Ford today for a test drive!

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