Why Choose the Ford Mustang? - Tech Features

Many people prefer to buy the Ford Mustang for the prestige, style, and sporty performance features. You will get all of that and more, including the exclusive highly-responsive tech features that keeps you connected to the world.

The Pre-Collision Assist has a Pedestrian Detection system that will keep you aware of who and what is outside the car. This prevents collisions from happening. Lane-Keeping does as the name indicates. It's job is to keep the car on a steady track without deviating outside of a lane. Should this happen, there are alerts to get your attention and automatic corrective actions will take place if needed.

The premium audio system is there to enjoy your audible pleasures. Once you plug your mobile device into the vehicle, it is time to start jamming to some cool music. Enjoy the B&O Premium Sound System that truly delivers the full audio experience that is relaxing to the ears. Feel the bass and treble vibrations throughout your body thanks to several 12 inch speakers.



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