Our Service Team at First Choice Ford Has the Parts for You

As a certified Ford service destination, our showroom at First Choice Ford has everything that you're looking for to handle all of your vehicle needs. Everyone knows what it is like to try to find replacement parts from any location they can think of. What some people don't realize is that most of those needs can be met by visiting our Rock Springs service center. If you want to find the right parts that you need without running any risk that the part you're buying isn't the top of the line quality that you need.

You're probably thinking that you can find the parts cheaper elsewhere and while that might be true, you might be replacing that same part more often than you should be. Brake pads, windshield wipers, and exhaust systems (just to name a few) that come from independently owned auto shops are not usually specifically made for the make and model of your vehicle. Here at 1264 Dewar Avenue, our staff members are eager to offer a solution that will give you a more permanent fix.

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