Why Hand Washing Your Car Beats Using An Automated Car Wash

For most people, your car is an important facet of your life. Often times, the car represents a certain aspect of the your personality. You made a conscious choice on the style and color of the car people are going to see you with and associate you with.

So keeping your car clean and looking good is probably pretty important to you. Now, do you wash your car by hand or do you drive to an automated car wash?

Hand washing your car has two advantages. The first is you can be very careful with any sponges or cloths making sure if you drop one on the ground you have extras and can just quickly and easily grab a clean one free of any dirt or dust that could produce a scratch on the paint surface of your car.

The second thing that everyone seems to overlook is you will automatically be doing a detailed inspection of almost every surface of your car. This will allow you to see slight nicks or little dents that, with a little touch up work now, will not turn into large and serious areas of corrosion.

Take a Saturday or Sunday morning and enjoy being outside to carefully and personally hand wash your car.
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