A tire rotation will improve your winter traction

If you've ever driven in snow and ice, you know that traction is everything. A tire rotation can help improve your car's traction.

Tires that wear unevenly can develop areas where the tread isn't as deep as other parts of the tire. You could even end up with bald spots if the problem is left for long enough. A tire rotation will help to correct this issue by changing the wear positions on the tire, ensuring an equal distribution of wear across all your tires.

On a front wheel drive vehicle, the front drive wheels will wear more quickly than the rear wheels. Rotating your tires will dramatically impact your traction. Rotating your front and rear tires will help improve your drive wheels' ground contact. You might even be able to squeeze some extra miles out of your winter tires this way.

Give us a call when you're getting your winter tires put on, and consider having your tires rotated at the same time.
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